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Aims of the Breeders Group

With the agreement of the Rare Poultry Society Committee, the Marsh Daisy Breeders Group was launched in March 2010.
The overall aim of the group:
To help Rare Poultry Society members to increase the number of good quality Marsh Daisies


1. Ensure breeders have access to the breed standard (Achieved/Ongoing: This is now on this website).

2. Help breeders to interpret the standard  (Ongoing).

3. Carry out a census/survey to establish the number of each colour that exist and how close they are to the standard. (Achieved/Ongoing: The first census was carried out in June 2010. The results can be found on the News and Newsletter webpage. A second census is planned for September 2012).

4. Share common problems and issues to do with breeding Marsh Daisies. (Acheived/Ongoing: Most sharing takes place via the forum)

5. Collate knowledge and expertise about the breed and make is accessible to all members of the group (including photos) with a link to the RPS website. (Acheived/Ongoing: This website is the main place for knowledge and expertise to be published)

6. Organise at least one meeting a year for members to share their experiences, compare birds.  This year we would like to meet at the National with the aim of increasing the number of high quality Marsh Daisies at the show. Ideally, we would also like to offer a meeting in the next few months at an experienced MD breeder’s Holding. At that meeting birds could be assessed – perhaps a talk on “preparing birds for showing” – to help encourage more of us to show. (Acheived/Ongoing: The Group has met twice, both times at the National Poultry Show)

7 Offer an internet forum for exchanging ideas / asking for advice. (Acheived: The original forum was set up in 2010, this year it has moved to a new location: