Next Meeting of the breeding group will be held by Zoom on Tuesday 9th February @7pm.

4thFebruary 2021 Marsh Daisy Breeders Meeting

Report to the Marsh Daisy Breeder’s Group by Paul Morgan

Approval of Wing Tags by PCGB

Wing tags will be available from the Poultry Club ONLYfor official use in the MD breeding project.

Tags will have individual numbers for the birds but do not indicate the breeder. They will be printed with country, year and five-digit individual number: eg GB 21/12345. The colour of the tags will change every year in line with the leg rings.

They can be ordered in multiples of 10.

For tags that are to be applied to chicks under one week use AA tags but for older chicks and adults Plastag B should be used and these need an applicator.

A diagram was shared where to apply the tags which is the same for both very young chicks and up to adults.

There is a link to u tube

It is very important to understand the above when ordering tags from the Poultry Club.

The Poultry Club will not register breeds or any other information except who the tags are supplied to.

Individually numbered leg rings can also be used and ordered from the Poultry Club and are acceptable as a means of identifying individual birds. The correct ring size can only applied at around nine weeks and the disadvantage is that the chicks have to be identified in some way (small plastic rings/cable ties/coloured bands ) before the permanent rings are applied. These would need to be changed probably more than once to allow for leg growth.

These tags/rings from the Poultry Club are THE ONLY ONESthat can be used to identify birds in the MD breeding project.

Cloudlines will be THE ONLYacceptable method of recording for the MD project.

Report to the Marsh Daisy Breeder’s Group by Serena Eustice

Approval of payment of Cloud-Lines package by RBST

RBST have agreed to pay for the Cloud-Lines package for year 1. We are to set the objectives and if we meet them RBST will keep paying.

SE demonstrated the site by screen share. There is a free-version package:

If you upload your birds to the free version then we can port them across to the Marsh Daisy central package. Registrars are going to have control of the birds that are uploaded as they must be Marsh Daisy.

Ultimately there is a great resource to retain genetic material using COI and Mean Kinship data.

There is also the possibility to use the site to advertise birds for sale looking at their parentage.

The meeting was cut short so reconvening next week Tuesday 9thFebruary 7 pm

MD Breeders Group Minutes 13 01 21
RBST RPS breeders meeting minutes 291020.pdf
Marsh Daisy Meeting 26 November 2020 Minutes.pdf