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Winning Marsh Daisy Male NPS 2016
White Male Marsh Daisy NPS 2016
Brown Marsh Daisy Hen NPS 2016

May 2015: Sharon Smith's Marsh Daisy Cockerel wins best large rare at Staffordshire County Show. You can see him right at the start of this video

November 2012 Marsh Daisy Census News: In June 2010 the Marsh Daisy Breeders Group carried out a census to find out more about the numbers and the quality of Marsh Daisies in the UK. The results can be found below (as an attachment).

The Group carried out a second census in September 2012.

Message from Sharon Smith on 24th May 2017

I hope you are all having a good hatching season. I am very pleased with my birds as I believe its 100% fertility and most hatching with no problems.

I would like to update the breeders list. At the moment we just have Wheaten and Brown stock advertised, it would be helpful to include the other colours. If anyone has other colours as well as the Brown and Wheaten and would like to be included please email me.

The RBST Warwickshire and Northants will be holding their annual Poultry and Sheep sale on 6th August 2017 , this is a lovely relaxed fun day for anyone to attend. There will be Wheaten Marsh Daisy for sale! More information from

Message from Sharon Smith on 19th January 2017

Dear Member,

I hope you all had a good Christmas and you are coping with keeping your birds inside.

The Federation show was again a lovely show but numbers of Marsh Daisies were disappointing with only two entered, both mine, the cock

got best of breed.

Susan Knight from East Yorkshire is looking for a cockerel and 4 or 5 hens to start breeding with. She doesn't mind which colour but they

must be up to standard. Her email is

Please get in touch if you can help her.

It would be very useful if members could let me know which colours they keep, where their stock came from and if you are likely to have

hatching eggs or stock for sale.

I have many enquiries for stock and it is helpful to know which breeding lines are available to try and prevent to much in breeding.

I can put together a list for members if anyone is interested and for prospective new keepers if members don't mind their emails or phone

numbers being given out.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Best wishes

Sharon - contact Sharon

Marsh Daisy Newsletter - 5th December 2016

It was lovely to meet some Marsh Daisy breeders at the National Poultry show.

There were only five birds there but some nice birds.

There were two males entered; 1st and best of breed to my Wheaten, bred by Alan and Donald Moorhouse.

2nd Tracey Barrand’s lovely White cock.


1st and 2nd to James Falshaw with to lovely Brown’s.

3rd My Wheaten female

Marsh Daisy News April 20th 2015

The Breeders Group will be holding a workshop at the Poultry Club's National Show, International Centre,Telford, Saturday 21st November, 3pm.

It shall be held by the Marsh Daisy pens in the rare poultry section. Everyone is very welcome to join in. We shall have top judges and MD experts to give us their advice on the breed and assess the stock exhibited.

It would be great to have a good show of Marsh Daisies to look at so please do enter your birds and join in the fun.

Showing and preparation advice available on Facebook or please do email me with any queries.

Marsh Daisy Newsletter March 2015

Those of you that are Rare Poultry Society members will have seen the Marsh Daisy article in the latest newsletter. This is great for RPS members to see how the Marsh Daisy is progressing and also for the MD Breeders Group members that are not on email to keep up to date.

RPS membership is £10 a year which includes 4 colour newsletters. A chance to be in the breeders directory and vote for changes on your breed.

Your vote is needed for changes to the Marsh Daisy standard which is for the poultry club standards book due to be printed next year.

The deadline for returned voting slips is 31st March.

Changes are:

1. The removal of 20 points for laying power – which bought the total points to 120 and can obviously only be applied for females.

2. Greater degree of description for leg colour. Currently legs and feet pale willow green. Proposed update to legs and feet green in all colours, pale willow to lizard according to variety.

There are some new adverts for birds for sale on the for sale pages

Leon Barnes posted some stunning photos of his Black Marsh Daisies on the Facebook page. You can see his birds on the Black Marsh Daisy photo page of this website

Winning Wheaten pullet at Northampton Poultry Club show can also be found on the Wheaten Marsh Daisy photo page

Bob Driver’s winning birds both first in their classes at Barnsley Show - the Brown Marsh Daisy Hen and the male Wheaten Marsh Daisy.

Marsh Daisy Breeders Day

This is one of the aims the group had when it was originally set up (the list is on the website)

6. Organise at least one meeting a year for members to share their experiences, compare birds.

This year we would like to meet at the National with the aim of increasing the number of high quality Marsh Daisies at the show.

Ideally, we would also like to offer a meeting in the next few months at an experienced MD breeder’s Holding. At that meeting birds could be assessed – perhaps a talk on “preparing birds for showing” – to help encourage more of us to show. (Acheived/Ongoing: The Group has met twice, both times at the National Poultry Show)

What are your views?

Would you like an open day/ workshop?

Workshop around the pens at the National?

This is something that would be very useful and interesting for many of us.

Location would really depend on where the majority of people would be coming from.

Looking at the members list we are all well spread out which is excellent news for the Marsh Daisy but just a bit harder for many people to get together.

Looking forward to your replies