Wheaten Marsh Daisy

Wheaten Marsh Daisy photos:

Wheaten Marsh Daisy Cockerel

Sharon Smith Wheaten Marsh Daisy winner Feb 2015
Show winning Marsh Daisy Cockerel owned by Sharon Smith

Above is Sharon Smith's wheaten marsh daisy hen - winner at the Northampton Poultry Show Feb 2015

Bob Driver winning wheaten marsh daisy cockerel

Above is Sharon Smith's wheaten Cockerel which won Staffordshire County show 2015

Wheaten Male 1935

Above is Bob Driver's Wheaten Marsh Daisy male - winner at the Barnsley Poultry Show 2015

Wheaten Marsh Daisy photos and images - this first one below is from the 1920s

Wheaten Female 1929

The above image is a scan of a postcard from a collection owned by Brian Sands. It is one of only two colour illustrations of pre-war Marsh Daisies that are known and depicts a pair of Wheatens owned by Francis J. Hemelryk, Old Mill House, Partridge Green, Sussex.

It was, presumably, produced by Mr Hemelryk for advertising purposes and is extremely rare. The cock won 1st and the Moore Cup for the Best Marsh Daisy at the Breed Club show at Crystal Palace in 1927. The hen was the one that laid 213 2 5/8 oz eggs in 48 weeks on the 1926 National Laying Test; she appears in most of Mr Hemelryk's advertisements.

There are black & white photos of the same two birds in the 1929 Feathered World Year Book. A rare opportunity to see the correct type and colours for the Wheaten male and female very clearly.

A big thank you to Alan Cheese who sent us the photo. Alan bred Marsh Daisies from 1978 to the late 1980s, when there were only Buffs and some Wheaten males (then called Red Wheatens), and is presently gathering information on the history of the breed.

A wheaten marsh daisy cockerel

Wheaten Male 1929

A wheaten marsh daisy hen and wheaten marsh daisy cockerel

Wheaten Pullet 1923

A wheaten marsh daisy hen

Wheaten Male 1922

Wheaten marsh daisy pullet - 1922