Aims of the Breeders' Group

The Marsh Daisy Breeders' Group was launched in March 2010.

Aims of the group:

1. To increase the number of Marsh Daisies meeting the breed standard in the UK

2. To increase the public profile of the Marsh Daisy and restore it to a popular utility breed.

3. To achieve a co-ordinated breeding programme to maximise the genetic diversity of the breed

4. To pioneer a system to award pedigree certificates to those birds meeting breed standard


1. Ensure breeders understand the breed standard and can interpret it accurately as against their own birds - Ongoing: Breed Standard here.

2. Carry out a yearly census/survey to establish the number of birds of each colour that exist and how close they are to the standard. (Achieved/Ongoing) [insert link to census here]

3. Ensure that Members complete the RPA census to enable the breed to be/remain listed on the Breeds at Risk Register.

4. Share common problems and issues to do with breeding Marsh Daisies. (Acheived/Ongoing)

5. Collate knowledge and expertise about the breed and make is accessible to all members of the group (including photos) with a link to the RPS website. (Acheived/Ongoing)

6. Organise at least one meeting a year for members to share their experiences and compare birds. Meeting at the National with the aim of increasing the number of high quality Marsh Daisies at the show is the ideal.

7. Ideally, to offer a meeting each year at an experienced breeder’s Holding. At that meeting birds could be assesed. (Ongoing)

8. Use FaceBook, WhatsApp, Zoom and Teams as the forums to share photos and discussion.

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